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We provide all services for stringed acoustic instruments, from ukuleles to banjos
Setups, string changes, fret dressing, truss rod adjustment

Most stringed instruments don't come "set up." Nuts and bridges often have the strings too high, making the instrument difficult to play. Older instruments often need fretwork and neck adjustments. 

Custom builds, upgrades

We build banjos, guitars, mandolins and dobros to specifications. Because of the low cost of labor in Asia, "one off" boutique instruments like ours will be expensive, but they will be heirloom instruments. 


There are three levels of restoration:

1 - Just get the instrument playable if it is broken or damaged in some other way.

2 - Working restoration. This involves getting the instrument playable as well as making it look good. 

3 -  Complete restoration. This does all of the above, but restores the instrument to showroom quality, for high end instruments.

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